Candida Diet Side Effects

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Candida Diet Side Effects

Candida Diet Side EffectsNow diet change is nothing to smile about because it brings changes to your body. Many times many people have embarked on a Candida diet and just because they did something wrong, or they took the wrong diet, they looked weak and pale for their efforts. There should be no argument that you should come out of the dieting exercise looking stronger and better for your efforts. The good news is that this will happen if you have the right diet. If you do not, then you may end up showing counterproductive results. In fact, many people have ended up looking paler and unhealthy than when they embarked on the Candida diet. Therefore, before you get into it, it would be smart to know the side effects that you may encounter.


Research is the key. After all, there are so many diets that you can embark on. However, you need to be assured that the diet has worked well for other people before you try it out. There are many ways that you should make sure that you get out on the good side of the Candida diet. Do not take any chances. Do enough research to make sure that the special diet is well balanced. Again, you should take enough food because the essence of this diet is not to starve yourself but to deny the yeast food that it needs to thrive. The good news is that this is just so possible. You should not take chances at all but you should ensure that you take nothing but the best. That way, you can always come out better than when you embarked on the Candida diet.


One of the most common side effects of a Candida diet is loss of weight. This happens mostly because you will be required to cut out most carbohydrates and sugars from your diet and these are the foods that have high calorie content.

Therefore, if one does not get another good source of the calories, they end up even consuming less calories than their bodies use.

You are encouraged to take a diet that is rich in fibre and this will cause another side effect. In many cases, you may have gastric discomfort but luckily, drinking water will take care of that.


Perhaps one of the worst side effects that you will experience is the Herxheimer side effect. When the yeast dies, it releases toxins in the body and since they will be too many to be eliminated all at once, they cause aches and dullness. They may cause muscle pain until the toxins are eliminated from the body and this may take even three days. However, the bright side is that once the body gets rid of the toxins your life can go back to normal and you can live a good life.

One of the functions of the Candida diet is to make sure the yeast lack food and die. Therefore the Herxheimer side effect should not worry you because the toxin elimination kidneys will do a thorough job in due time. It is important to drink water to help the system flush out this toxic waste.


Candida Diet Side EffectIt is important or you to know that the Candida diet will not work in a few days. It may take some time and therefore you must be patient. Different people will show results in different times and therefore yours may take longer. If you have a family and you like eating together, it may be hard for you to cook two dinners at home because you do not want to make the others miss their favorite foods. You must also agree that it will be quite a temptation seeing all the refined sugars around you. Note that it may be harder for you to arrange breakfast because most of the breakfast foods are refined foods and cereals. Finding a replacement for such may not be easy.


Side effects or no side effects, you do not want to miss a good opportunity to get rid of the yeast syndrome for good. Anyway, most of the side effects of the Candida diet occur because of embarking on poorly planned diets. If you choose your diet carefully, you will be happy that its pros outweigh the cons.