Home Remedies for Candida Treatment

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 Remedies for Candida Treatment

There are many home remedies for Candida treatments and even if you do not trust alternative medicine, maybe you had better try this for a few reasons as listed below:

  1. The medical fraternity does not consider Candida Albicans as a medical condition because C. Albicans is part of the flora that is found in the human body.
  2. The available antibiotics are also effective but later on, the fungi develops resistance to them and therefore they become ineffective.
  3. The antibiotics treat the symptoms only and therefore chances are that the yeast overgrowth will happen again.
  4. Candida treatment by use of the home remedies takes care of the root cause of the yeast overgrowth and therefore chances are that this will not occur again.
  5. Home remedies work in hours. That means that you do not have to skip working for long to administer the treatment.
  6. Home remedies are very cheap because you will use most of the stuff that you already have in the house.
  7. You can administer your Candida treatment in your own good time, and in privacy. No one else need know that you are suffering.
  8. It is important that before you administer your home treatment for Candida Albicans, you should first go for a professional diagnosis to make sure that indeed you are suffering from this condition. After that, you can administer the treatment.


Home Remedies for Candida TreatmentIt has been established that home remedies are more effective than over the counter medications or even the prescription antibiotics. They are so simple to administer it is ridiculous. However, what makes them even better is that you can use them to prevent the yeast overgrowth. After all, prevention is better than cure. For example, if you eat yoghurt, it contains acidophilus and bifidus that eat yeast. Therefore, you will be enjoying your yoghurt while at the same time, you will be doing your health a good turn. Remember that yoghurt is also good as Candida treatment because you can apply it to the affected area using your finger, even on the penis or vagina and it will be very effective.


Candidiasis may occur on different parts of the body and therefore   you want to administer the most convenient type of Candida treatment. The good thing is that the remedies that you administer at home are very effective and if you stick to the remedies as advised, you will realize their full potential. It is paramount that you choose carefully the remedy that you want to administer on a certain part of the body. For example, there are remedies that you can only use for douching the vagina. Such cannot be used for oral thrush. The vagina is very susceptible to yeast overgrowth because it provides the right conditions. It is moist and warm and it makes a good environment for all manner of germs and bacteria. Some of them are very important for the health of the vagina and therefore if you are using douches as Candida treatment, it is advisable not to use that for more than one week because at best you will wash away all the germs and bacteria that line the walls of the vagina.


You can dip a tampon in yoghurt and then insert it in the vagina. You can do this for a few days at least twice a day and the symptoms will go away for good. Make sure that you have plain yoghurt. For oral thrush, the most common type of Candida treatment used for that is a  few drops of tea tree oil mixed in a glass of cold or warm water and then that solution is gurgled all over the mouth. This should be done twice a day and the solution should not be swallowed. This is only one of the many home remedies for oral thrush. There are more


Yoghurt is very effective for cutaneous (skin) candidiasis. Just use your finger to apply it on the skin and let it keep for several minutes, then wash it off gently. It is very important that you keep the affected area dry because the yeast thrives in moist conditions. Apple cider vinegar, lactobacillus supplements and many more are also good. There are so many home remedies such that you will be spoiled for choice. Information is the key and once you are informed you can choose the Candida treatment that is most efficient and appealing to you.