Thrush Symptoms in Men

Thrush Symptoms in Men

When a partner has a sexually transmitted infection, intimate contact with that person is mostly advised against. Although it is not strictly speaking a sexually transmitted disease, thrush can nevertheless be spread by sexual activity so caution is strongly advised. In the past, thrush was widely thought to be a condition that affected only women, but awareness is growing that men suffer from this distressing complaint, too.

Thrush Symptoms in MenThrush is a type of yeast infection that occurs due to the increase of a fungus called Candida, which is present naturally in all people in moist body areas like the skin, the mouth, genital parts as well as the intestinal tract. While in women the condition most commonly shows itself as a vaginal infection, in men it portrays itself quite differently and a rash on the skin may occur. This rash can be quite serious if not treated in time. Where the condition is benign, it usually disappears by itself within a few days or weeks. Thrush symptoms in men aren’t just limited to a skin rash; soreness and irritation may also occur somewhere around the head of the penis. The urge to scratch the penis tip to relieve the itching is a common symptom. In addition, small blisters around the head and the shaft of the penis may occur.

How To Spot Thrush Symptoms in Men

A rash on the skin, which is the one of the most common types of thrush symptoms in men, could manifest itself around the arms, the face or even the groin. When such symptoms are noticed, visiting the doctor is certainly advisable. A proper diagnosis by a professional clinician is always preferable to the hit-and-miss approach of self-medication.

Aside from the skin rashes that have already been mentioned, another sign of thrush is when soreness and itching has spread to the anus. While the already mentioned symptoms could be used on their own to identify thrush symptoms in men, they could also mean that a patient has been exposed to an STD infection. In order to be certain of the correct diagnosis, the best thing to do would be finding out what your doctor has to say about possible STD infections. Endlessly guessing, or making assumptions based on incomplete medical knowledge, is unlikely to get you anywhere.

Men who suffer from the symptoms of thrush may have a weak immune system due to increased stress or illness. Another possibility could be that they had sexual intercourse with a woman who had a vaginal yeast infection. Although such an infection is specific to women, sexual contact could spread the infection to her partner. Other causes of thrush in men are intake of particular antibiotics that destroy healthy bacteria, which normally suppresses Candida from multiplying in huge numbers, as well as uncontrolled eating habits which may include foods with lots of sugars.

Thrush Symptoms in Men and treatments


Another possible case is connected to those men with diabetes, who have been associated with developing yeast infections because of the increased sugar levels in their urine, which create a favourable environment for the growth and multiplication of Candida. Since transmission from one partner to another sexually isn’t ruled out, it is also likely that sexual abstinence could be the ideal cure for thrush symptoms in men. The next best thing to abstinence is to practise safe sex.

Thrush symptoms in men cannot be treated effectively by use of topical creams and ointments. Although the rash may be relieved or suppressed for a while, it will almost certainly reoccur in a few days. Other antifungal treatments may also temporarily clear thrush symptoms but once again will not eliminate the condition entirely. Just like in women, thrush symptoms in men can get worse if not properly treated. While the head of the penis is the chief target for this troublesome fungus, it can later shift its attention to the anus and elsewhere in the groin, which is overall one of the moistest areas of a man’s body.

Thrush symptoms can also lead to an overgrowth of yeast that is hard to treat. Fatigue, stomach bloating and indigestion can all develop. There are different forms of remedies and treatments that can be used to fight thrush symptoms in men and restore normality. However, the doctor will be able to prescribe the actual remedy depending on the nature of your situation.