Thrush Symptoms

thrush symptoms and clues

Thrush is a common yeast infection of the mucus membrane mostly found in the mouth and the tongue, unlike other forms of yeast infection, thrush is commonly associated with conditions such as HIV or AIDS, deteriorated health or even being too old or too young. People who also receive different forms of chemotherapy as a way of suppressing cancerous conditions may also show thrush symptoms. Thrush is also quite popular in young children especially infants, although it isn’t considered abnormal if it doesn’t last more than a few weeks.

thrush symptoms and cluesCandida, which is the actual fungus that leads to thrush related symptoms, exists naturally in the mouth and other moist body surfaces like the skin and genital parts, and this is why the same fungus causes yeast infection in the vagina, and the penile region. Thrush that originates from the mouth can also be referred to as oral thrush. Mostly any person can become a victim of thrush, from children to medium aged people to old people. People with diabetes are more vulnerable to thrush as compared to those people, who aren’t and they type of thrush they suffer from is that which originates from the mouth due to extra sugars in the saliva. Note that sugars present survival environment for Candida, and thus why people with high blood sugar levels are at a greater risk of suffering from thrush. Another causing factor that could lead to accumulated thrush symptoms include taking various types of antibiotics in high doses, especially to people who have been prescribed to take those doses in a lifetime.


Thrush Symptoms – Candida

There is a healthy bacterium, which aims at suppressing Candida such that it doesn’t multiply into big numbers. When certain antibiotics are taken, they weaken these naturally existing healthy bacteria thus presenting a better environment for Candida to thrive in. Thrush symptoms include whitish looking layer around the tongue and under the cheeks underneath the whitish like material. Mostly, the red tissue may easily cause bleeding thus making you to believe that you are perhaps experiencing bleeding gums. If the condition is not attended in time, the sores will continue to multiply as well as grow in size. Thrush symptoms are wide open which means that the doctor can easily diagnose the condition without the need of a microscope or any laboratory tests. Sores that depict thrush also appear distinct when observed with the naked eye.

Although it rarely happens, if the anticipated thrush symptoms still appear complex and hard to diagnose, the doctor may use the culture of mouth lesions to perform the test or even scrape some Candida from the mouth and observe them through a microscope to determine whether the patient was suffering from Candida or not. Thrush symptoms usually indicate immediate treatment, however, in babies, and infants, treatment may not be needed as those symptoms normally disappear with time, the disappearance period is usually narrowed down to two weeks. Yogurt has been associated with handling mild thrush symptoms especially those associated with taking certain kinds of antibiotics.

In spite of yogurt as the remedy in taking care of those symptoms, over-the-counter medications such as acidophilus capsules have also been known to treat similar cases. Another home remedy that can be taken to lower thrush related symptoms include the use of a soft toothbrush to scrub the painless sores. They are called painless because if you compare them with a burn from hot drink or food in the mouth, they are no near to the experience. Either way, after using the soft toothbrush, it is advisable that you complete the cleaning procedure by rinsing the mouth with a diluted 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. The procedure can be repeated several times a day until the anticipated thrush symptoms have been wiped clean.

Controlling blood sugar levels on people with diabetes can also help reduce the same symptoms. In cases where you may be exhibiting severe thrush symptoms, the doctor may recommend that you use an antifungal mouthwash. Candida has been associated with cases of meningitis especially to people with weak immunity system. Prevention of Candida can be done immediately when signs of the condition present themselves or communicating to your doctor so that you can handle conditions related to breast feeding if your infant shows thrush symptoms among other preventive measures.